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Brave new world

  • It's a dystopia in a less obvious way than 1984 is. It's a vision of society where nothing matters because everything is permitted and everything is great.
  • Entertainment is fantastic, the soma drug is plentiful and makes any situation, any self-reflection on the emptiness of life totally fine, every person is born into a class and they are conditioned to be happy to be of that class, whether on the top, middle or bottom of society.
  • Everyone has sex with everyone, technology is well developed. It's a high-tech society to be sure, but ultimately a soulless one.
  • Think a lot of dystopian novels deal with the idea of oppressing people by stopping them from thinking (Fahrenheit 451 is another example). So even though a lot of people in Brave New World are 'happy', they are stopped from thinking which is a form of imprisonment. I think that's what makes it a dystopia. Or controlling them what they think.