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2018 May


Started using Nix to install macOS packages.

Minimized more things in my life. I messed up some things on my system and wanting to do a full reinstall of OS, went through everything I use. Cleaned it up and purged everything I don't use or won't need to use again. Aside from cleaning everything and slowly learning new things, started work on Karabiner Generator. Can't wait to finally move to latest macOS and be on the bleeding edge again.

It's a shame that I still don't have a BS degree as per my own fault but life goes on. Part of the minimal and simple living lifestyle is not worrying or staying attached to things that have no value to my life. Worrying and regret are one of these things.

Also filmed a first episode of a podcast we started with Leo Vogel called Command Space Podcast. Still need to get a website for it and actually edit and publish the first episode. But I am excited to see it progress in the future.

More ideas I have should be put to use and be built. Also these entries will soon be automated and grab information from Twitter/Instagram/ automatically. And maybe from some other services. Would be fun to see how this turns out in practice.

Still no plans for the future aside from some dreams and aspirations.


Not the best but is honest. I finally came to a Timing workflow I genuinely enjoy using.