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How to drive SaaS product adoption article is nice.

Think Poolsuite does marketing incredibly well. All the products they release evoke emotion.

One way to do launches with possible virality is rewarding people who retweet with potential to win some amazing reward like life time subscription. Just don't overdo it and do it rarely.

Best way to do marketing is simply launching features often and sharing updates through multiple channels (Twitter/Email are most effective). As well as making teaching content via nicely readable shareable docs or videos.

Landing Page Copywriting is great read.

Building a brand that people recognize and like takes time but ultimately it's about iterating on product thoughtful & fast. Communicating releases well. And having clear feedback channels with your customers. If user based analytics are used, they should focus on getting closer to great product.

Recently, I like how CleanShot iterates and shares updates on their product.

Nice ads

Nice company Twitter accounts



Aspirational marketing