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2021 April

Spent the month at my family's home in Spain. Little internet. Can't wait to go back to NL in May and start working at full speed.

Slowly removing bad habits from my life. Not going through my todo list without distractions & not exercising being the big ones. Try to ensure I follow through my top 6 habits I have set for myself. It really makes life much simpler, knowing that even in the 'worst' days, if I try and do my habits, I will have moved forward in life and it was a great day.

The wiki grew by a lot this month (~ 600 commits) but what's the point. Few people read it. Makes sense as it quite unstructured and current search capabilities are not the greatest (GitBook & my Alfred workflow). I also don't share it much anywhere. I am not too active anywhere in honesty. I previously kind of cared about losing followers, especially people whom I admire, but it's whatever. I am who I am and can post what I want, I'll find my audience. 😊

Speaking of this wiki, I often catch myself on the thought of why am I even doing all this? I collected so many links & now notes. I don't think I should expect people to show support for it on GitHub but still. I am trying to come to terms that this wiki in itself is simply not enough to earn any money.

Anyway. Need to focus better. Build real things! I do this wiki for myself, there is no need to get any validation for it. Seeking validation is waste of time anyway, what truly matters is impact. How many lives I have changed for the better. I do miss the pre Covid life especially the special time I got to work in Rekki. Truly my favorite company and culture I've ever worked in. Want to build something as great myself soon.

I am getting a better hang of how to use and utilize my wiki more. Starting from May, I want to truly focus my monkey mind and start building.

Finish up CSS course. Release my site with course content on Karabiner/KM/NextJS/WikiManagement/.. in similar way to what Josh has done with his course. Hopefully that will be something that people will buy, I will do my best to pack as much knowledge as I can into it and make it worth it's money.

And after that, focus on LA. I need the money from that course to push me forward to building an MVP of LA that people can buy too. Those are the goals.

The time I spent in Spain was mostly spending time walking the dogs and petting them. Trying to read Dune and listening to lots of music and some podcasts. Playing and having fun time with my brother and sister.

Also 1cP-LSD in nature alone is quite an experience. Previously I only tripped at home or somewhere where people still kind of hanged around. I had some bad trips on LSD and I do dislike the length of the trip compared to other psyches but it can be nice. Sometimes I do feel like I am dying on it.

I also turned 26 this month. Still young and I truly feel/believe that the best is yet to come. I think I am more mindful and happy now than I was before. I do know few people still and have little to no real friends. I did read that it's normal though. My skills are also all over the place. I got dreams though.

Here is to an exciting and happy May. This is the last month I get to be unhappy with myself. Such a waste of time.

I started to really get fascinated by Solana. The tech talk on it is mind opening and inspiring. Might try build something on it soonish.

As reminder. Leave the world better than you found it. Leave any person better than you found them. ♥️

Letter to Glass is my new focus song. I also played Your Power song a lot.