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I think it's mind numbing how animals can be treated by people. And how oblivious most people are to it all either mindfully or simply due to not being aware of the consequences of their decisions. Like buying some dead animal's meat have.

Watching Earthlings made me go pescatarian instantly after watching. I limit number of fish I eat too. Think Earthlings or Dominion should be a mandatory watch for everyone. As it should be enough to at least make you reconsider what food you eat. Thankfully whole food plant based diet is genuinely a healthier diet too and there's so many fruits, vegetables and beans that you can choose to eat whilst making it tasty too. I often love eating blueberries, avocados, walnuts and almonds together with making delicious smoothies. I also love making various recipes and generally love exploring non meat or dairy cuisine around the globe as I travel.

I hope more people wake up to this issue and it changes soon. Because animals should not be treated like that and especially at such scales. It's sad.

I personally believe the idea of reincarnation, only your memory does get wiped after you die. Existence never stops though and you will continue to exist as some other conscious being. And I truly want to minimize my chances of being born into a pig that lives it's entire life in a slaughterhouse, just counting its days until the end.

That's why it's so essential everyone acts nicely to each other. Because in some way, everyone is actually you too. To me this is the most plausible scenario of what happens when you die.

Joaquin Phoenix said it well.