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I manage my money with N26 (great in EU). When I lived in UK, Monzo was great.

I try keep a minimum of 3000 euro on the account at any time (to cover emergency spending + monthly bills). I budget the next month (make sure enough money is on main account for the month) as well as rebalance my investment portfolio of stocks/ETFs (if necessary) at first day of each month as part of a monthly look back. I also invest into ideas that interest me & support open source projects & people I love. Currently I do this in Notion and it looks like this:

It's a lightweight variation of YNAB methodology which lets me be more mindful of my expenses so as to not get accidentally shocked by anything. I try to be mindful of more expensive things I buy & try to never disregard spending on quality healthy food and essentials for my well being. Both N26 & Monzo track spending into categories and do a good job of it. In future I want to build native apps to do this part of budgeting for me. Something simple like the above structure (put predictions on expenses, it automatically calculates expected money for next month, easy entry, ..) but it also connects to my bank in real time and tells me how much I actually paid (something like Nordigen or Tink should work, hopefully not too expensive for personal use), it then tells me how much I have left for next month and whether my predictions were right as it has the real transaction log and also ideally the categories (already generated by N26/Revolut and most other apps, just not sure if they expose it, otherwise have to write my own code for tagging transactions). Ideally everything happens in real time too so if I bought another coffee in some cafe as an example, it notifies me that I am 'over my prediction budget' for this kind of activity (i.e. cafes). Actual Budget is close to this idea but has too complex UI and doesn't let you connect to EU banks.

It would also be nice to automate moving money from main account to good ETFs. FIAT tends to deprecate quickly so it's good idea to own hard assets (good ETFs being the safest investment).

Mercury & Column are great company banks. Paddle is nice for processing payments.

Ongoing subscriptions

I use Bobby iOS app to track my ongoing subscriptions. I review it monthly as part of my finance check up. The app I mentioned above will cover the use case of Bobby too so hopefully I won't need this app in future.

Tracking what to buy next

I use 2Do to track what things I want to buy next. These are just tasks with buy tag in 2Do sorted by priority. Here is how it looks: