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Use Minimal theme with this CSS snippet:

/* make cursor stop blinking in VIM mode  */
.cm-cursor {
visibility: visible !important;

/* remove all visual noise (buttons, sidebar) */ {
display: none;
.view-actions {
display: none;
.titlebar-button {
display: none;
.workspace-ribbon {
display: none;
.status-bar {
display: none;



  • Prism - Comprehensive, Highly-Customizable and Elegant Light/Dark Theme for Obsidian.
  • Obsidian HIG Theme - Obsidian theme designed to fit in with the Human Interface Guidelines.
  • Things Theme
  • Sanctum - Minimalist theme with the aim of creating a serene space of retreat, for thought and uninterrupted work.
  • ITS Theme - Theme for my Obsidian Vault: In The Shadows.
  • Minimal - Obsidian theme meticulously designed to feel native on desktop, mobile and tablet. (Fork)
  • Primary
  • Catppuccin - Soothing pastel theme for Obsidian.
  • Absolve - Theme overlay snippet for
  • Markdown Attributes - Add attributes to elements in Obsidian.
  • Settings Search - Adds a search bar to's settings.
  • User Plugins for Obsidian - Allows user scripts to use plugin API.