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Staying on top of things

There is a lot happening in the world every single minute. It's hard to not feel like you are constantly missing out on things.

The truth is that it's a battle you can't win as your time is limited. Thus you should focus on things that truly matter to you. Mindfulness is what helps me keep my focus.

Here are things I do/use to keep my self up to date on things I care about efficiently.

I use custom script to quickly save links to check later. In future I hope to use Learn Anything to handle this.

High priority links/notes are sent as messages to myself on Telegram. I also have bindings to save snapshots of my current tabs on mac into a session I can come back later to.

What I use

I try to stay in touch using these few things:

Twitter with Tweetbot

Twitter is my favorite social media network and it is where I share everything I am personally up to right now. I love Twitter for its ability to tailor completely what news and tweets I am actually reading. I split Tweetbot into two columns on mac. And I use official Twitter iOS app.

Hacker News and Lobsters

They are my two favorite news aggregators on the web. I like Lobsters for its smaller community and quite often better links and discussions.

I mostly use Hckr News and/or HN and Lobsters sorted by new. HN Front is nice too to get a full day coverage of posts. And HN Search is great too.


My Reddit is heavily tailored to my own likes and I very often just look into some subreddits I like to see what is new.

Here is multireddit of subreddits I am subbed too. Less priority subs are put in Other list.

There is also nice list of Reddit subs. I access all these subreddits using Deanishe's Reddit worklfow.

RSS with Inoreader

I follow many blogs.


I love using IRC via Matrix and hanging out in various channels of Freenode. Mostly as a way to get help with an issue that I can't solve on my own after searching for everything.

I sometimes check it out as it does contain some interesting links.


I follow few publications and writers on Medium. I then view new articles from my feed here.

Communities and forums I frequent

I spend a lot of my time on LA Discord server to discuss LA development. As well as macOS/iOS automation Telegram group.

Aside from that I like visiting and at times contributing to these forums:

As well as a few other Slack communities like:

And these Discord servers: