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I use the app to manage events in my life I sync with Google Calendar.

I always view my events from Week view & have 7 days in view with 18 hours shown in one view. This gives perspective over current and upcoming events/deadlines. All events created by default have 30 min duration.

I often switch between Week and Month views.

Cron & Amie are nice too.


  • To mass delete events, make empty search query (single space) on events I want to remove and delete them. Can also use stock Calendar app and search for "" and cmd+shift+arrows events I want to delete.
  • Google calendar sync select page allows you to select which calendars you want to sync to external apps like Fantastical. Useful for letting Fantastical know about Other calendars which by default don't sync.
  • Pressing return when clicking on event will let you edit the title of it.