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PaperMod theme seems nice.


  • Even - Super concise theme for Hugo.
  • Eternity - Minimalist Hugo theme designed for portfolio sites.
  • Coder - Minimalist blog theme for Hugo.
  • YinYang - Black-white theme for Hugo.
  • Notepadium - Fast Hugo theme, 100% JavaScript-free.
  • Noteworthy - Minimalist Hugo theme for writers and bloggers.
  • Paperesque - Lightweight theme for personal websites. (Code)
  • Kiss - Simple blog theme for Hugo.
  • Mainroad - Responsive, simple, clean and content-focused Hugo theme based on the MH Magazine lite WordPress theme.
  • HugoTeX - Hugo theme which looks like a LaTeX document.
  • Codex - Minimal blog theme built for Hugo.
  • Carlisle - Minimal template for a Hugo site.
  • Archie - Minimal and clean theme for hugo with a markdown-ish UI.
  • Chlorine - Simple responsive blog theme for Hugo based on Natrium.
  • Ghostwriter - Port of ghostwriter theme to Hugo.
  • Blogophonic - Modern, beautiful, and easily configurable blog for Hugo that includes a dedicated page with a functional contact form.
  • Pulp - Hugo theme for getting a simple, easy-to-read blog site.
  • Hugo Starter Tailwind Basic - Simple starter set up with TailnwindCSS and its typograhpy plugin and a build setup using PostCSS and PurgeCSS (when running the production build).
  • Minimal
  • Cocoa - Responsive Hugo blog theme.
  • Tale - Minimal theme curated for storytellers.
  • Ink - Crisp, minimal personal website and blog theme Hugo.
  • Hugo Book Theme - Hugo documentation theme as simple as plain book.
  • Terminal - Simple, retro theme for Hugo.
  • Call me Sam - Simple and Minimalist theme for Hugo with a focus on typography and content.
  • Ezhil - Clean and minimal personal blog and portfolio theme for Hugo.
  • owl space - Hugo theme made for owls.
  • Er - Configurable blog theme for Hugo.
  • TeXify - Minimal, latex-style hugo theme for personal blogging.
  • Cupper - Accessibility-friendly Hugo theme.
  • Tufte Hugo Theme
  • PaperMod - Fast, clean, responsive Hugo theme.
  • Paper - Simple, clean, flexible Hugo theme.
  • Cactus - Hugo theme for personal blog.
  • Congo - Powerful, lightweight theme for Hugo built with Tailwind CSS.
  • Hugo Theme Stack - Card-style Hugo theme designed for bloggers.
  • Blist