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2023 April

28 this month. Spending it in Spain. Full focus on priority tasks/projects I need to complete in life.

Fuck everything else. Wrote out routine for myself too:


  1. Wake up at ~ 9:00.
  2. Go take dogs outside (listen to podcasts/books a bit)
  3. Shower. Wash body + skin care on face. Brush teeth. Wear new clothes.
  4. Give food to dogs + 2 pills for Rachel (put in bowl).
  5. Make tea (big kettle)
  6. 4 eggs + salad (tomatoes + avocado + feta + ..).
  7. Take 2 omega 3 pills + 1 magnesium
  8. Twitter 2 feeds actively, snapshot github/lobsters/hn/reddit. (should be automated asap, have my own algorithm for surfacing useful to me things, removing noise)
  9. Work through todos!


  1. Take dogs on longer walk (podcast/book listen) at least once for ~ 1h.
  2. Do some exercise outside (sit ups + push ups).
  3. Put clothes to clean so there are always clean clothes available.
  4. Keep good back (no slouch) and always work outside in terrace when you can.
  5. Take notes on everything I learn and be productive and aggressive on completing todos! Share progress made / thoughts on Twitter.
  6. Drink a lot of tea throughout the day. Always keep hydrated more than necessary.
  7. No coffee + no sweets. Just eggs + salad + fish or healthy proteins.


  1. Walk dogs + podcast/book.
  2. Give dogs food.
  3. Skin care face + brush teeth. Clean myself.
  4. Write / voice memo transcribe the day's progress & how I feel in look back.
  5. Go to sleep. Always clean bed sheets.

Full transparency and no bullshit going forward.

My main goal is to fully augment / remove the ability to do self destructive or non meaningful things to myself with software.

I think I've learned enough discipline to not fall into unfulfilling experiences but it's not easy, given how many distracting things exist. Nor how little control you have over many services that you use. Most services do a good job at surfacing interesting content but it's not trivial to act upon it with ease. Will solve this with KusKus!

Also want KusKus to cover the above case of following daily habits. Need to build iOS KusKus app too which would let me send notifications at certain times of the day + show the list of habits and let me checkmark each habit as I do it.

Also I am still writing these look backs in Sublime Text / Obsidian. Hopefully maybe in June I will fully transfer it all to LA. Things like images for example are quite annoying to easily add, amongst other things.

As I do take walks often now and listen to podcasts/books. I've always dreamed of having a podcast/book app that when you open it, you would see the full transcription of what was said. So you can highlight it and save it to your wiki. Right now if I come across something interesting, I have to pause the podcast/book, go to telegram saved messages and note it down.

HappyScribe is similar to this idea but it doesn't do it live like for example Spotify does with lyrics. I want that. With ideally tight integration with LA in future. So I can tag a note or make an action on it into KusKus.

The future I envision and hope to get to asap is KusKus for todos fully. Todos private and public. Go on user's profile, see all their public todos which are basically ideas to build. Explore page in KusKus surfaces interesting todos ala Twitter/TikTok Explore page.

Then on LA side, all knowledge mapped. Sorted by topics. Track topics to learn / learned. Generate study guides by AI with help of community. Fully automate getting to the stage where any idea can be built. Fully automate finding ideas to build.

In future, perhaps synthesize new ideas based on all kinds of things.

All of the above is kind of possible now in some way or form. But it's all so so messy. I want clean interfaces to creating, learning things.

Last month it felt like the boiling point was reached in how many 💩 things happened. Don't want to go over it again and won't in future but it's fascinating how human mind works. It can rationalize and come to terms with any situation life throws at you. I feel a bit like this quote now:

Only After We've Lost Everything Are We Free To Do Anything

It's freeing. I own nothing. Have nothing. All I have are some bitter experiences and lessons I tried to encode as much as possible into rules and habits.

Funny thing, I decided to apply to On Deck this month. When I got this email I just smiled. 😸

Don't know why I even applied to be honest. Anyway, lots of things to build and release.

One other idea I want to build after KusKus/LA is an app to get a log of events across different networks (Twitter/Spotify/Letterboxd/Trakt/IG/..). That is go on user profile and see Nikita liked this song. Nikita made this tweet. In chronological view. Would need to write a scraper and put it on a cron job for this and offer it as a service, I totally want this. Especially I want to be able to full text search across my timeline of events too.

And of course I need to build my own version of Pixave together with Alfred/Raycast like launcher on iOS. Then I will be happy. Software wise at least.

But alas, need to be focused! KusKus first.

That's my biggest issue in life. Being all over the place with things I want to do and often not finishing things because of this. So no more of that.

Once I get my money situation under control, I'd love to read through Neural Networks: Zero To Hero & Deep Learning Foundations to Stable Diffusion. I truly wish I understood how Midjourney & ChatGPT is made.

My current understanding is that they both use neural nets. Neural nets have inputs and outputs and go through layers. Each layer somehow encodes 'features' I think. And learning happens through backpropagation or some other algorithm. Also transformer models are the best thing and everyone is trying to scale them now.

Need to read through minGPT code fully together with reading this ChatGPT overview deeply. Maybe this meme will make more sense.

Computer history by Balenciaga is my fav Midjourney edit.

Found out about LLM-Chain, Auto-GPT, LangChain & AI Legion. Incredible stuff.

This is nice summary of how LangChain works.

Want to try build my own AI agents for some things.


Too happy with my Special & Repeat playlists to even venture out to new songs.

Leaving, My Friend the Forest & Time are so good still.

I did find out about Slow Up this month though.


Season 4 of Succession is superb.