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I love listening to podcasts with Overcast especially when commuting or traveling somewhere.

Wish all podcasts had a page like this where you can do textual searches on all the content produced.

I have Top and Other smart playlists in Overcast. The Top includes my favorite podcasts I want to listen to.

It includes:

For other awesome podcasts you can see here. I also export a list of all the podcasts I am subscribed to (can be imported to Overcast).

Favorite episodes

Interesting episodes



  • A podcast is just people talking. Nothing magical.
  • Can use QuickTime to record.
  • Great opportunity to meet up with others - makes for a more fun show.
  • Since it's a rather new format, there's lots of room for new concepts and new ideas.
  • You don't need expensive recording studio. It's just recording conversations.
  • Basic audio editing is easy to learn. You can use free tools like GarageBand and Audacity.
  • Podcasts are not necessarily live. You can edit out the parts that go off topic.
  • Can use a mirror for podcast interviews. Can look nice like here.
  • All podcasts should have transcripts.