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Rich dad poor dad

  • The author basically implies you need to let your money work for you.
    • If you're not then you aren't going to be rich.
    • Which means you need to invest in stock markets, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, business ventures that don't require you to actually have to be working but at the same time they make money over time.
    • Obviously this takes a lot of time, but if you fall into the trap of getting married, having kids, accruing credit card debt, and big ass auto loans you'll never be rich.
    • All your income is basically used to just keep your head above water so you don't drown.
    • Don't fall into the trap. Work on making investments that make money over time.
  • Think of your worth and your money separately.
    • Money is a responsibility not a reward.
    • We are trained by the system to think of American dollars and hard work linearly.
    • This is great for those who have power over you by printing money and making you use their print money and also tax you in made up centralized money. (Federal Reserve, IRS).
    • What YOU do in your daily life is one thing and what YOUR money does is another.
  • While reading through these books you start to see that wealth is just people and agreements, nothing more.
    • And the wealthiest people in finance are wealthy because they depend on most of us THINKING THEY should have and manage your money instead of YOU.
  • TLDR of all finance.
    • A) Take money (fiat currencies) OFF the pedestal (we are taught to think in terms of dollars which are just government issued arcade tokens that you are forced to pay taxes in at gun point if necessary) and cultivate personal marketable value instead. The money will come.
    • B) The people pulling the financial strings are not any smarter or more gifted than you are - but they work very VERY hard at making you believe otherwise to keep the status quo.