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2019 August

Finally getting how awesome code is and how powerful being able to write and reason about things is. Learning, building & learning.

I stopped optimizing for every little second of my life in terms of content I get. I follow > 3000 people on Twitter. And often I get to the limit of 1600 tweets where any tweet beyond that will be lost and I will never get to see it again probably. And that's fine. It's liberating how powerful this feeling of focusing in on a thing is and having everything else fade into background. Just need time and focus.

Every morning of weekday I start with latte with oat milk from my favorite coffee place on the way to office. I get some blueberries and fill my water and start my day. I also listen to my podcast or book on the way there. It's so hard to focus on things that truly matter in the world of distractions. I am fortunate to have a partner in life I love and who I get to travel with and share experiences together. Fortunate to be given a chance to build something that I genuinely am excited about with a great team. It all just takes time and patience.

My biggest problem right now is cutting out time fully from bad habits I have accumulated over my life like mindless ego boosts of checking traffic on my GitHub repo, Google Analytics, Twitter/Instagram notifications etc.. None of these tools provide tools to actually cut off these notifications from appearing in the first place and viewing analytics although is partly useful, it provides no real benefit to my life. There has to be much better feedback systems in place than pure traffic. All that is to say that this habit is hard to break and requires some real mindfulness and perhaps assistance of tools.

Listening to Why we sleep book is eye opening as to how useful sleep is to our lives. If there is one thing you can't sacrifice in life, it is sleep. I love waking up without alarms and having my body take all the time it needs to process my memories and heal.

A long summary of the month with many things happening to my personal life and development that on the surface seem small and non worthy to talk about. Just need to put myself into more environments that force me to grow as a person. Meet people. Build things. Share. And be open.

I also disregarded my blog for too long. Need to write more. And make videos, educational or otherwise.


Actually not bad. Compared to last months. 😻