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Guide on how to reduce MDMA neurotoxicity is a must read. Borax Combo is a nice mix with similar effects.

I personally like to take small amount of clean well tested MDMA or 5-MAPB combo on truly special occasions. Usually as a therapeutic session with my partner. No more than once a year. Even if your relationship is already open to all kind of communication, MDMA helps bring all barriers down and all issues can be discussed freely if there are any or you can simply enjoy each other's company and listen to great music together or play games.

Using a chewing gum for duration of the trip is useful as you can easily bite off parts of mouth's skin. As well as drinking lots of water.

After taking MDMA, I make sure to recover well. I drink a lot more tea, eat well, exercise and take my other daily supplements as usual as it all helps with recovery. Also find taking Green Tea Extract & 5-HTP on the night of taking MDMA helps.

That keeps MDMA neorotoxicity to its minimum and more importantly having one year breaks between doses makes each experience very special too without ever losing its magic. It's sometimes nice to mix it up with psychedelics, either psilocybin mushrooms or LSD but don't overdo on the doses.

One way I found that helps me not get addicted to substances like MDMA or psychedelics is firstly taking a long break but also not using the drug to 'escape' from my life. The substances enrich my life and I always use it as a learning exercise for myself. I specifically truly love talking to people on the drug as everyone opens up and can speak freely about all kinds of things they wouldn't usually talk about out of fear what someone may think of them or something else.