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Learn Anything

Learn Anything is currently the main project I am working on.

There is a lot of interesting things that still have to be done and since the project is fully open source, all the communication and discussions about this project are done in the open so anyone interested can join in and help.

There is a lot of information included in the readme. And there are lots of curated lists available that are open to contribution.

Aside from providing links and connected topics to learn from. The end goal is to create a machine learning system that understands what you know and what you want to learn. It can then craft the most optimized path for learning a thing X based on what you know. And that X can be anything. Bash, math, history, macOS.

A kind of Netflix for learning. And as its open source too, anyone who knows how to code can literally add a feature themselves. And if they don't like the direction in which the website is going, they can fork it away.

In short, I want to make a tool that sits somewhere inbetween Raindrop/Pinboard for bookmarks. Mixed in with Learney/MapOfReddit for visualization of topics. Or someone said, create a Google Maps but for navigating information space.

New design

Some mockups for next version of Learn Anything.

If you want to help out, we have a Discord server. ❤️