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Learn Anything

App to share what you know or want to learn next. Together with ideas you want to build

The project is open source and there's a information included in the readme for how to run the project and what it's about.

The short story is that LA will eventually host this wiki.

Connect notes/links with topics. Share these topics with all or just small group of people (only friends or spouse).

Topics can have study guides. Users curate the study guides. Eventually AI learns to make and update the study guides tailored to each person.

People can share ideas. Some ideas are private, some public. Public ideas can be interacted with, get funding from others to incentivize you to build the idea or get friends to work on ideas together.

AI is fully integrated into your knowledge base. Have dialogues with it. Have others have AI interface to all you know. Based on what you allow them to query.

Best part, LA will help you keep track of where you are in life. It covers 2 essential things. What to make? And what do I know or want to learn?

The what I know part is covered by you telling LA which topics you think you know, which topics you want to know. Which topics you are learning now. AI and community is there to help you learn anything. Mentoring is a built in feature.

Each topic in LA is a global topic. Each topic will get the links and notes that were shared publicly. Users can add notes or links from each global topic to their personal spaces. As I do in this wiki many times.

All open source. Open data. You are in full control.

Existing version deployed on

There are currently some curated lists available that are open to contribution. Will be eventually moved to LA.

Potential design

If you want to help out, join our Discord community. ♥️