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I run my bookmarklets from KM like so:

Bookmarklets I use


  • You can add bookmarklets in Safari either by:
    1. Dragging a bookmarklet from a webpage to your bookmarks bar then moving it from there.
    2. Creating a random bookmark, then editing it and changing the URL to the bookmarklet JavaScript.


Go to initial commit on GitHub repo. Must have GitHub repo open in active tab.

javascript: ((b) =>
fetch("" + b[1] + "/commits?sha=" + (b[2] || ""))
.then((c) => Promise.all([c.headers.get("link"), c.json()]))
.then((c) => {
if (c[0]) {
var d = c[0].split(",")[1].split(";")[0].slice(2, -1);
return fetch(d).then((e) => e.json());
return c[1];
.then((c) => c.pop().html_url)
.then((c) => (window.location = c)))(