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United States

Would love to visit or maybe live in US one day but they don't make it easy due to odd political choices. Their loss.

Sadly many great companies still only hire if you're physically present in US. Including some top tier companies in computers and space industries.

Thankfully this is changing as more companies wake up and realize the world is bigger than US and you can build successful companies that embrace the benefits of whole company being remote and async communication first.

It's sad really as US could be a great country if they didn't close themselves off from the world. The fact that with US passport you are taxed globally no matter what country you stay in is not enticing either.

For now I am personally interested in building global companies whilst living in cities with great public infrastructure, great food and weather. Portugal and many EU countries are great for this.

I try to avoid pointless politics news as much as possible but do like John Mearsheimer & George Friedman's analysis in regards to US foreign policy.

Ask Americans is fun subreddit. Liked this episode on issues US has regarding housing/health care policies amongst other things.