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2019 October

I think I will start writing out these entries weekly rather than monthly. Will probably be a running thing of words & paragraphs. This month though is just a summary of October which was quite intense emotionally.

I left Gyana. Had a wonderful stay there and learned a lot. I want to focus on the future though & move forward. It's one of my core rules which I have refined greatly over this month and this year in general.

I want to make some impact on this world so I learning CS & programming once again. This time deeply & applied.

Speaking of making this journal a more regular thing rather than a month review. This script:

subl ~/Dropbox/Write/knowledge/looking-back/2019/2019-"$(date +%B | tr '[:upper:]' '[:lower:]')".md

Which I activate from KM:

Makes opening these journal entries nicely as it doesn't have a hardcoded month so it always works. I'll do same for year later.

The 7 day reflection also opens this journal entry. It's just nice to make data driven analysis rather than relying on pure memory. Need to be more actionable with data I do collect. And especially need to be more actionable in how I spend my time. I have found my existing workflow I have to work well. Just misses a few tools to fill the rough edges like ability to search through my Pocket list from Alfred.