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Mycelium is fascinating.

I personally love psilocybin mushrooms and take them occasionally. I also try take some mushrooms daily as part of my supplement.

Get my spores to grow here. Grow them using Grow Kit.

Using this guide.

Uncle Ben Tek combined with this method is nice too.

Mushroom Growers & 90 Second Mycology are great to study.

Wholecelium is nice shop to buy psilocybin truffles. Druid are my favorites.

I like to eat truffles/mushrooms mixed with Greek Yogurt & blueberries. I also dislike eating on empty stomach and prefer to eat a light breakfast beforehand, usually my daily omelette and salad with tomatoes/avocado and feta cheese.


Growing steps

With grow kit

This video is great.

  1. Open grow kit box. Put water in the box. Close the box and put it in either fridge or room. Wait ~ 12h.
  2. After 12h. Remove the water from the box. Put the box in the bag (without the lid). Close the bag with paperclips.
  • Make sure that it doesn't soak for more than 18 hours cause the mycelium can drown if it's soaked for too long.

Without grow kit (own substrate)

If no grow kit, method is similar but you need to create your own substrate for mushrooms to grow in.