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Tor Project

Arti is neat.


  • For users wanting to prevent their ISP from sniffing around then tor works as intended. Against advertisers it also work decently as a self cleaning browsers that constantly change its IP address.
    • For developers and sysadmins that want to get an outside look at their own services or investigate third party websites (like fraudulent lookalike) it work pretty effective with some caveats.
    • It also works mostly fine against national and ISP firewalls that is intended to censor citizens and lead people away from places which the state has declared unsuited for its population.
    • Against police force it seem to mostly work as a free tool that get used by criminals as something better than nothing, but with some larger caveats and the police have cases from time to time where they have identified criminals (from either good investigations or parallel constructions depending on who you ask). The tor browsers has also not been immune to malware.
    • Against national-level intelligence agency, "citizen scores", and whistleblowers employed within such agencies, the protection granted by tor may be very far from 100%. It is not recommended by anyone to depend on tor against that threat model.