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2019 December


Just realized how much time I wasted with Timing. Filed a feature request that hopefully adds Timing automatically inferring projects for me based on rules it already has.

I have no idea why I haven't done that sooner. Oh well. Move on. No more wasting time!

Honestly though I am just so tired. Tired of all the mistakes I made. Fortunately I have a framework now. A set of rules I try to follow and refine as I progress. Everything else doesn't matter. Just time and focus. Make. Learn. Write. Design. Share.

I will try to grow build to learn a lot bigger than what it is now. It is nice to take breaks and not always be in a rush. Life is not crazy. I am just a human. It's quite crazy to me how big the world is. Billions of people. And only few people know about Karabiner. And even fewer about Goku. How wild is that.

I honestly marvel at how much locked potential we have. I just want to do good. And I want to be independent. Because honestly I can be at this point. And all this wasted time with Timing and everything else I have done in life. All the silly games and micro optimizations. Don't matter. You are really no one. You are what you create.

It's so freeing to have a journal and out of this world tools. No more silos.

You grow. You mature. Honestly.

I am going to build

A marketplace for ideas. With experience like Otta. Matching people to interesting ideas. It's amazing for everyone. If you have capital, you can invest in an idea. If you don't you get inspired to build it.

And then learning. Imagine Holloway but for every topic. Or rather imagine Holloway and its reading experience but as a tool. Where anyone can create a rich guide for learning any topic.

Tools like Otta are such a breath of fresh air to me because it shows how much bad the UI is when its not aligned to your incentives right. It's mind boggling how this is not a solved problem still.

I still don't know how equity works. How do people 'raise' money? And how much is distributed and based on what. I am sure I am not alone in thinking about this. But beyond larger 'ideas'. Even small ideas it would be amazing if someone could find an idea I had and send me a coin so I can build it and know I am not alone in wanting this. I really want this to exist.


Spent new years with my family in Spain.