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Good processes are essential for any kind of repeated success. Below are some personal processes I try follow for myself when doing certain things.

I think of my rules as boundaries within I try to operate my life. And processes are series of steps I should take when doing certain things. Some are vaguer than others. If I do them enough times, they become part of my habits.


  1. Wake up. Go take shower.
  2. Do morning skin care routine.
  3. Morning exercise. Until failure: push ups, deep squats & downward dog to cobra pose. Do exercise outside as I walk my dog, when I am around her. Listen to podcast during it.
  4. Drink morning smoothie + supplements.
  5. No news (Twitter/HN/..) until I do the above.
  6. Start day by checking my task manager for the day. Have timed 40 min to check Twitter/HN, reply to messages etc.
  7. Start work.


  1. Do evening skin care routine.
  2. Evening exercise. Until failure: push ups, deep squats & downward dog to cobra pose. Listen to some soothing music and think of plans for tomorrow or podcast.
  3. Write in look back & review of habits + check on plans.
  4. Some light news or book reading (book preferred).
  5. Sleep. I try to not expose myself to blue light during evening and be thoroughly exhausted at this point from good day's work so falling asleep is fast.

End of week Plan/Review (Sunday)

  1. Write in look back, taking general view of what happened in a week.
  2. Make plans for next week. Arrange ideas in focus. Long term focuses.

End of month Plan/Review (1st day of month)

  1. Summarize look back.
  2. Review finances & investments. Cut out non needed expenses. Reinvest if necessary.
  3. Make/check general plans for next month.


  1. Read about the topic/concept. Wiki/Google.
  2. Apply insights & act on it. Teach/write/build something related to the topic/concept.


  1. Note down points I want to cover & start writing.
  2. Refactor. Ask for feedback. Make it concise. Publish.


  1. Read. Note anything interesting.

Understand code

  1. Read contribution guidelines. Understand problem being solved. Understand data model & data flow.

New site

  1. Think URL structure / data model.
  2. Build. Get feedback. Evolve.