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Good processes are essential for any kind of repeated success. Below are some personal processes I try follow for myself when doing certain things.

I think of my rules as boundaries within I try to operate my life. And processes are series of steps I should take when doing certain things. Some are vaguer than others. If I do them enough times, they become part of my habits.


  1. Wake up at ~ 9:00.
  2. If with dogs, go take dogs outside (listen to podcasts/books a bit)
  3. Shower. Wash body + skin care on face. Brush teeth. Wear new clothes.
  4. If with dogs, give food to dogs + 2 pills for Rachel (put in bowl).
  5. Make tea (big kettle)
  6. 4 eggs + salad (tomatoes + avocado + feta + ..). Optional smoothie.
  7. Take 2 omega 3 pills + 1 magnesium
  8. Twitter 2 feeds actively, snapshot github/lobsters/hn/reddit. (should be automated asap, have my own algorithm for surfacing useful to me things, removing noise)
  9. Work through todos!


  1. If with dogs, take dogs on longer walk (podcast/book listen) at least once for ~ 1h.
  2. Do some exercise outside (sit ups + push ups).
  3. Put clothes to clean so there are always clean clothes available.
  4. Keep good back (no slouch) and always work outside in terrace when you can.
  5. Take notes on everything I learn and be productive and aggressive on completing todos! Share progress made / thoughts on Twitter.
  6. Drink a lot of tea throughout the day. Always keep hydrated more than necessary.
  7. No coffee + no sweets. Just eggs + salad + fish or healthy proteins.


  1. If with dogs, walk dogs + podcast/book.
  2. If with dogs, give dogs food.
  3. Skin care face + brush teeth. Clean myself.
  4. Write / voice memo transcribe the day's progress & how I feel in look back.
  5. Go to sleep. Always clean bed sheets.

End of week (Sunday)

  1. Reflect on week in look back.
  2. Make/check general plans for next week. Especially projects to focus on!

End of month (1st day of month)

  1. Reflect on the month in look back.
  2. Review finances & investments. Cut out non needed expenses. Reinvest where necessary.
  3. Make/check general plans for next month. Especially projects to focus on! Am I more happy month to month?


  1. Read about the topic/concept. Wiki/Google.
  2. Apply insights & act on it. Teach/write/build something related to the topic/concept.


  1. Note down points I want to cover & start writing.
  2. Refactor. Ask for feedback. Make it concise. Publish.


  1. Read. Note anything interesting.

Understand code

  1. Read contribution guidelines. Understand problem being solved. Understand data model & data flow.

New site

  1. Think URL structure / data model.
  2. Build. Get feedback. Evolve.