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2019 November


Rebuilding personal site with React & Gatsby. Using Otta to find a nice job in London. Minimized number of projects that Timing has to bare essentials. Makes tracking easier and hopefully the overviews much clearer too as I can clearly see how my time was spent.

I try my best to not waste any time in anything I do. Hopefully one day I get to a stage where I can slow down and appreciate life more. Right now it really is just a hassle. Just need experience. And more failures. With some successes.

It's first time I do this weekly reflection. Want to have a more clearer & ongoing reflection of my life. It's a nice mind cleanser. I started to enjoy both failures and successes equally well. They both mean one thing. I am moving forward.


Preparing for interviews. Rebuilding my site. NextJS is seriously amazing technology. These weekly reviews are quite relaxing to write. Been quite productive lately but can certainly do much more. Just too overwhelmed with things.

Now that I have these consistent reviews, there is no longer need for a Month review. Day plans. And week reflections. reflect on progress & adjust goals & plan week & minimize to be done every Sunday. Minimize is interesting one as it includes lots of things. Both minimize mentally by taking a deserved break. But also on a more deeper level. Review my workflow, tools. See what 'extra' stuff I have I don't need. And cleanse from it. Everything is so automated and so perfect. ✨