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My Knowledge Wiki 🌿 ​

This is my personal wiki where I share everything I know about this world in form of an online wiki built with VitePress. It's 1,000+ of topics on all kinds of things. Updated daily.

If this is your first time visiting this wiki, take a look here as it describes this wiki, its structure and goals.

Below are my 1,000+ topics & their relations visualised.

This wiki is large. 150,000+ lines of markdown large (calculated with loc)

❯ loc
 Language             Files        Lines        Blank        Code
 Markdown             1000         145000       5000         150000

Getting started ​

This garden is quite literally my digital brain. It includes my thoughts, notes and links on topics I care about.

See here for all topics I have in this wiki.

I update it daily. I use the website and the search plugin I built for it together with the search bar (or CMD+K hotkey) to query the content inside.

The way I structure each page often looks the same and follows a structure. The sidebar you see on the left is sorted alphabetically. It's nested too. Many top level folders are nested quite deep.

For example take programming languages, it's top level folder. All of these pages are part of programming languages:

Take SolidJS page.

As you can see, SolidJS is part of JS libraries which is part of JavaScript and JavaScript as a language is part of top level programming languages I mentioned above. There are tons more folders like this. The way I include what's part of what is subject to my interpretation and it might be wrong or confusing.

What I would suggest if this is the first time you came across this wiki and genuinely want to learn something new is to scroll the sidebar on the left or search for something, more likely then not, I wrote something about it.

Lots of this content will one day live or co exist with Learn Anything project I work on.

If you use mac, Alfred My Mind plugin is incredible. I plan to make both the plugin and this setup with the wiki reusable by anyone.

Most often I share my life on Twitter (most everything), Instagram (photos, stories from life, Q&A's) and also Telegram (raw and more private thoughts/photos/updates I don't necessarily want to push to all my follower's feeds).

I also want to learn to write well written articles and make high quality YouTube videos.

And of course I love writing code that solves various problems I have and I share it all on GitHub. I also love Reddit, HN & Lobsters as far as communities go.

Here you can find all the things I made and shared thus far.

That was long. 😺

I tried to write it as both a reference you can skim to get the best info on how to use this wiki or ideally inspire you to make a wiki of your own. There are many great wikis out there and the list grows with every day. All the tools are there.

Must read pages ​

There's 1,000+ pages in here and lots of them I think are interesting. But these few can be nice starts for a read:

  • Solving Problems describes my approach to find problems to solve and solving them effectively.
  • Karabiner as it describes a genuinely life changing tool that makes updating this wiki and operating my mac at fast speeds possible
  • VSCode & Sublime Text for similar reason as Karabiner, life changing tools. I use Sublime Text for editing this wiki and VSCode for writing code. Mostly TypeScript and Go now.
  • Happiness includes my lessons I learned for how to live a happier life
  • Focusing as it's a very important page for me. It links to other important to me pages: Rules & Habits. These 2 pages are essentially a summary of my life as far as my value system / lessons learned / habits go.
  • Relationships is another important to me area in life as I want to be someone friends think fondly of and it contains my thoughts on that
  • My Workflow includes a summary of what I use in life.
  • Looking Back as it's my life diary. It includes a lot of how I felt, what I thought about and did at any point in time starting from 2017 when I first started writing a journal.

There is a lot more out there but I think above is a good start. Hope you find some of it interesting. β™₯️

As far as tech goes, my current obsessions, goals and ideas for how to live a better future are learning more of Solid and Go/Swift to build amazing experiences.

Content Structure ​

As mentioned, I like to keep a sort of structure for pages. It's roughly:

  1. Title with optional description to describe topic.
  2. My thoughts on the topic.
  3. Subtopics - Various subtopics related to the main topic. i.e. Alfred page has a few subtopics.
  4. Notes - Notes on the topic as well as things I found interesting on the internet regarding the topic. I often give a link of where I got things from.
  5. Code - Code snippets.
  6. Links - Links related to the topic.

Grow your own digital garden 🌱 ​

As I mentioned, these wikis are also called digital gardens. There is a DigitalGardens community on Reddit which discusses tools to maintain & create these wikis. As well as how to use them to develop new transformative tools for thought.

I collected a list of wikis I liked the most for inspiration. For example, Devine's Wiki is a great rabbit hole of fascinating info. Devine is one half of 100 Rabbits which is fascinating couple that lives on a boat and does art. I want to live a life like this one day but alas.

I also teach how you can build wikis like this as part of my macOS automation course.

I β™₯️ meeting new people so feel free to reach out. I also hope you share what you know with the world as a form of a wiki like this too. It truly had a life changing effect on my life.

Contents ​

Thank you ​

You can support me on GitHub or look into other projects I shared. β™₯️

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