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Sublime Text

Use this editor in addition to VS Code and Neovim for its fast speed of opening files.

I use it primarily to edit markdown files like this wiki. Or as a quick scratchpad to write things in.

I use many plugins together with Ayu theme. Most useful being the vim plugin.

I switch between Ayu Light and Ayu Mirage themes as I change between macOS appearances.

Ayu Light

Ayu Mirage


  • Entering into sublime console (View -> Show Console):
    • sublime.log_commands(True)
    • sublime.log_input(True) - Allows you to then see what commands you type as well as actions you make map to as sublime bindings.
    • You can then turn all logging by running commands above with False or restart Sublime.
  • New view into file will split current file into two tabs.
  • I binded jj to go to normal mode from insert. This way when I load a file in sublime, it doesn't sometimes immediately go to normal mode. So I can instantly open file and safely spam j to go down a page without writing the j's.


# Turn on logging of actions. Insert it in the Sublime console.
sublime.log_input(True); sublime.log_commands(True); sublime.log_result_regex(True)