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Use Mighty+ when I occasionally use weed, goes especially well with psychedelics. I start vape at 180. After few minutes, I gradually increase it 200 and end sessions at 210-220C until no smoke comes out. Huberman did nice episode on effects of cannabis.

I prefer more psychedelic effect which is often achieved by growing your own quality strains of Sativa kind. If in NL, Boerejongens sells nice strains. Most/all other coffee shops in NL sell overpriced lesser quality weed due to silly laws. Heard that's different in US.

I actually came to get interested in psychedelics after 2nd time I smoked weed (purple haze). And for first time in my life had my reality warp like I never saw before. Read about all kinds of drugs and effects after that 2nd time.

Mostly now I don't get much psychedelic effect (things moving) but do get enjoyable high with interesting thought patterns.

Sensi Seeds has great seeds. Microgrowery is great subreddit.

Beginner Guide & Grow Weed Easy are great starter resources for growing.

Handbook of Plant Nutrition, Marijuana Horticulture Fundamentals, Cannabis Encyclopedia & Handbook of Cannabis Production in Controlled Environments are nice reads too.

Planting steps

  1. Germinate the seed
  • Can do it by placing the seed(s) between 2 tissues with some water on a plate. Put the plate in dark room in room temperature.
  • Then wait for 1-3 days for roots to show. Then it's ready to be planted into soil.
  • Can also germinate directly in the soil
  1. Plant the seed in soil. Not deeply. ~ 2x the size of the seed in depth (~ 1.5-3 cm).
  • Water the soil a bit after. Not too much. Soil should be of good quality.

Favorite strains



Cannabinoid Temperature Guide