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  • Minimalist - Jekyll theme inspired by the Minimal theme.
  • Chirpy - Minimal, sidebar, responsive web design Jekyll theme, focusing on text presentation.
  • Good Clean Read - Jekyll template for publishing clean, readable articles and single-page sites.
  • Colorie - Single column blog and portfolio Jekyll theme.
  • Minimal Mistakes (Code)
  • Lagrange - Minimalist Jekyll theme for running a personal blog.
  • whiteglass - Minimal, responsive Jekyll theme for hackers.
  • Tale - Minimal Jekyll theme for storytellers.
  • Klise - Minimalist Jekyll theme for running a personal site or blog, light & dark mode support.
  • Sparrow - Clean and minimal Jekyll theme for writers.
  • So Simple - Simple Jekyll theme for words and pictures.
  • ET-Jekyll - Edward Tufte-inspired Jekyll theme. (HN) (Code)