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Most important thing I always try to be mindful of is keeping straight back (no slouching). Good chair / standing desk is super useful in that regard. As well as taking breaks walking/cycling or doing some sport. Straight back with some kind of exercise daily should be enough to keep my body healthy for long time I think. I try to do some kind of strength training workout weekly too.

I use Herman Miller Embody with standing desk I like. I try work with clean air around whether its from the open windows or by being outside.

I can't stand working on chairs that don't let me relax my spine properly. If I do it often enough I actually get pains in the back.

Together with above, I try do many exercises that target my back muscles. Here is a list of many great exercises for this.

I found when I don't have proper table/chair to work from it's not as bad to work in bed by lying down on the stomach with pillow under the chin and Macbook in front. The spine is stretched out and there is no unnecessary pressure anywhere. It's much nicer than sitting on chairs where you are forced to slouch or put pressure to keep proper posture.

My favorite work setup is something like this but with proper chair/table. And silent surroundings.


Standing desks

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