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2020 October

Writing this on what seems to be the most joyous day world experienced in 2020, the news of Biden winning. 🌿

Lots of great things should hopefully come from this, I especially hope there will be less/no noise in the news. Working together instead of against each other. Biden & Kamala addresses made me cry in how human & hopeful they sounded.


I didn't get much time this month to work on personal projects as I am quite busy with work, hopefully November, I get some time.

I started to like the setup of external monitor above the Macbook. Like this:

I tried out external keyboard + trackpad with Macbook on a stand but the trackpad will always be further than I like it to be compared to typing out on the Macbook keyboard. This way, the Macbook does heat up after some time especially when doing heavy coding projects but hopefully new ARM macs solve this. Rather excited about it.


Endel is neat service that generates nice soundscapes. Here is an episode with CEO of Endel where he describes over how and why the tool was made. I personally do most of my deep work on Mac and don't like the Endel app so I just listen to sounds from Endel Spotify page.

Some kind of peace album & some songs by Mujuice like Журавли, Hole Nova were nice finds too.

Shows / Movies

Loved Queen's Gambit