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What Is ChatGPT Doing, Let's build GPT & How ChatGPT is Trained are great overviews of how it works.

I use ChatGPT desktop app to access ChatGPT from mac (mapped to o+space). On iOS I use Bing app.

Want to try deploy ChatGPT Telegram Bot too. And build out Parallel GPT idea.

ChatGPT has become a core part of my workflow. I use it as my core learning tool. Asking clarifiying questions. It's especially great giving high level views on most topics. Enough to prompt with more detailed questions or diving further into literature or other human made resources. ChatGPT is especially great for programming as you can easily test your answers against a type checker or compiler to see if it was right or not.

NanoGPT with Lightning GPT is interesting. Curious if I can train it with this method.

RWKV model is great. Open Assistant seems like a nice open alternative.

There's lots of low hanging fruit prompts that you can make into great products. Like Roam Around that is essentially a UI over what is an ideal itinerary for ${days} days in ${city}? query.

FlexGen is nice way to train own GPT on just one GPU.

This is nice comment strengths/weaknesses of ChatGPT.

Want to try run Alpaca.cpp on my mac for local ChatGPT access potentially.

The way ChatGPT does plugins using Toolformer is fascinating.

ChatGPT Memory & ChatGPT Retrieval are fascinating.

Interesting queries

Many more be seen here.

Real examples I used and was amazed at answer

'initializes state with computations such resources’, what does this mean in context of solidjs

It's also great at giving examples.