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Bevy Engine

Love this Bevy template.

OSS Bevy apps

  • 8-bit duels - Turn-based multiplayer strategy game written in Rust with the Bevy game engine.
  • Fish Folk - Tactical 2D shooter in fishy pixels style.
  • Country Slice - Toy project, written in Rust language with Bevy's ECS and OpenGL (gl-rs and glutin).
  • Rust Invaders - Simple Rust game with the Bevy Engine.
  • QQ Party - Multiplayer browser game build with Bevy and Wasmcloud as backend.
  • Gardum - Battle arena made with Bevy.
  • Snake Game in Bevy
  • Digital Extinction - 3D RTS game implemented in Rust.
  • Logic Voxels - Personal game project created with Bevy.
  • Bevy Tower Defense Tutorial Game
  • Oicana - Tower defence game with some puzzling.
  • Flappy Bevy - Game like flappy bird made for the bevy engine.
  • Kataster - Minimalist single screen space shooter developped in Rust with Bevy.
  • Velo - App for brainstorming & sharing ideas.
  • Colony - Rust game, built with Bevy, that plays like any other colony simulator game.