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Artificial intelligence

I liked Joscha Bach's presentation on evolution of AI and how it relates to understanding of consciousness.

Language models like GPT, DALL·E and Midjourney are fascinating. Curious how far scaling transformer based language models get, maybe they get us to AGI.

I want to be able to have a voice assistant that 'knows me' and I can asks question too that is actually good. LA is a tool I am building that hopefully eventually solves this problem as it will know in a lot of detail which knowledge you have and your preferences in learning.

On the Measure of Intelligence is a good read. Bleeding Edge AI is nice way to stay up to date on AI.

Andrej Karpathy does amazing work in ML. His interview with Lex and his Neural Networks: Zero to Hero course were insightful. Transformer ML models as described in Attention Is All You Need are very useful.

Midjourney & ChatGPT are my favorite uses of AI right now.

Hugging Face has amazing community focused on sharing ml models with community.

OpenAI & Anthropic do interesting research.