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Artificial intelligence

I liked Joscha Bach's presentation on evolution of AI and how it relates to understanding of consciousness.

Language models like DALL·E and Midjourney are fascinating. I want to be able to have a voice assistant that 'knows me' and I can asks question too that is actually good. LA is a tool I am building that hopefully eventually solves this problem as it will know in a lot of detail which knowledge you have and your preferences in learning.

On the Measure of Intelligence is a good read. Bleeding Edge AI is nice way to stay up to date on AI.

Andrej Karpathy does amazing work in ML. His interview with Lex and his Neural Networks: Zero to Hero course were insightful. Transformer ML models as described in Attention Is All You Need are very useful.

Midjourney & ChatGPT are my favorite uses of AI right now.

Hugging Face has amazing community focused on sharing ml models with community.