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2020 May

Want to do good. It hurts to see that not everyone is treated with respect and kindness. No one is born racist. And everything can be unlearned and we all can do better.

Wasn't a productive month for me. I want to do so much but need to take steps into building things rather than consuming & 'learning' & growing my wiki. The wiki is at this moment 24,344 lines of content which is insane. I seriously need to invest time in building LA as a dream store of knowledge. I did start building out my new site with eleventy though and that's going well. Will have a blog and nice pretty static site I will extend and make into my own digital garden. 🌱

I also need to prep some algorithms & data structures (in Go) as I want to pass any interview an employer might throw at me, algorithmic or system design. Work, work, work. 🌊