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2022 August

Spent 10+ days without my mac.

I finally got it from it being fixed in Bilbao. Nice feeling. Spent my time waiting by playing Wild Rift’s legendary queue. Got to top 800 on the server. Also watched breaking bad and occasionally read Twitter. Didn’t read HN or reddit at all. No YouTube too. And it really opened my eyes on something I knew before. I waste way too much time on ‘being up to speed’ on everything that happens. Every little tweet or post. The amount I mindlessly type h key into browser to open hacker news or t to open Twitter is insane.

From now on, I spend time mindfully. Writing code, automating everything I do away. And blocking out mindless actions I have ingrained as my habits. This 10 day break was nice in that it gave me time to reset everything. Also my health. Got myself vitamin D3 and magnesium supplement. Going to pay more attention to proper eating and really need to start exercising too.

For now, watching a video on Raycast so I write extensions to open projects quickly on my mac. As well as start new projects quickly like Go lib or SolidJS website. Just one command and I can start writing meaningful code with everything deployable with one more command.


Also Rachel is super cute. Happy she got looked over and now has some medicines and vitamins to take to improve her health.

Some more photos from my time away from my mac.

Had a couple of games like that where we were completely losing yet won in the end. The level of play at Vanquisher in legendary queue is actually quite high. Most games are great and if you do even one mistake, the other team takes initiative quickly and it gets hard to come back. A lot of it is about positioning and know when to group and who to focus in team fights.

My fancy border.