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I try to live my life enjoying each moment and moving towards the future I want. One day I will die. And I don't want to regret any of the precious and limited time I spent in here.

I don't much think about life after death as there is no point to it. I don't think about going to sleep or waking up, it just happens.

If I can form and retrieve memories, I am alive. So I try to do my best in making that process going smoothly with proper exercise, sleep and happy outlook on life.

Its nice there are many humans working on aging and longevity, specifically rejuvenation & eradication of diseases. I hope to contribute to the field too soon.

From the psychedelic experiences I had in my life, I learned to appreciate the complex nature that is the human brain. Its ability to detect patterns in everything and draw connections is truly marvelous. Listening to all of Alan Watts's works on some tryptamine or lysergamide is something everyone should try to do once in their life as in my personal experience it made me truly content with my place in the universe. There is no meaning but the one you care enough to care about. And it seems the only true goal of conscious life is to understand itself. Explore the cosmos.

The other neat thing about psychedelics is their ability to induce ego death by shutting off default mode network. Having your short term memories suppressed so much that you forget that you even took the drug or that you were/are a human being is crazy experience. I had this on Salvia and life is never really the same after this. Even if it's all just a drug.

With all that said, there is only one real conclusion to draw knowing all this. Have fun. Be nice. And don't worry about what might happen or what has already happened. In the end, it seems even the universe will eventually go dark and 'die'. Probably to eventually be reborn again.

Your parents miss you and wish you'd call. Later you'll miss them and wish you could.

Spend more time with ones you care about. Be aware of your ego and be a kind and loving person.

It's a matter of time that death can be avoided. Fastest way to get to this future is getting to AGI.

I do think, when you die. That's that. You maybe will have some interesting DMT like experience as you go but then you and all your memories will cease to exist. Liked this conversation that talks about this topic.

But as far as there are living beings in the universe, life and thus ability to experience things will never stop until at least heat death of the universe arrives. There will always be an observer to the experience and most likely 'you' will be born again into some living being, statistically likely some insect. Thus I find it so important to treat others including animals with care and love. Not eat them. Make their existance as pleasant as possible, not just for them but even egoistically for your future 'you'.

At least I try to live my life believing this. It kind of grounds me and gives me purpose too. Find out all there is to find out about how the universe works. And make every living being existence as nice as possible.

Having said the above, anesthesia has this strange property of putting consciousness into hibernation mode for a certain time where when/if you wake up from it, you have no sense of how much time has passed. This doesn't happen with sleep where you will have some sense of time passing between. But even with that, assuming existence is eternal and there will always be someone experiencing this reality, this blip in time, no matter how long it is. Even with perhaps the heat death of the universe will be instant from the perspective of the observer. Not sure how you can research this field, nor have I read the literature on near death experiences or experiences of someone clinically dying and somehow coming back. Most say some strange mystical things or say nothing happened at all inbetween kind of like anesthesia. In anyway, whatever happens, happens.

I do not fear death. I had been dead for billions and billions of years before I was born, and had not suffered the slightest inconvenience from it.