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Below is aspirational and doesn't always happen but I try to strive towards following basic morning/day/evening habits. Which involves doing enough daily exercise with proper form, good rest and nutrition.

Often times it's just some doing some sit ups / push ups when I walk the dogs in the morning as I listen to podcasts.

Foundations of Physical and Mental Performance is amazing listen. I am trying to adopt Huberman's exercise routine more especially do the recommended neck and leg muscle exercises.

I try to do some daily bodyweight exercises in form of squats, pushups, pull ups, dips, leg raises and sit-ups. Dips, leg raises and pull ups being my favorite. I also do cardio usually by cycling (preferred) or prolonged walking and sometimes running (never really got to enjoying it).

I listen to podcasts during any kind of exercise. Unless I am playing with someone. My favorite sports are Tennis and Football. And skiing/snowboarding when season is right.

I try to not sit for prolonged times (by using a standing desk and taking physical breaks). Going on walks or cycling for a bit always resets my mind.

Heavy exercise

I use Strong app to track workouts/progress. Fitbod is nice too as it generates workouts for you based on muscle areas you want to target. MuscleWiki is great for finding exercises targetting certain muscles.

I currently don't go to the gym so do workouts at home without any special gear but do plan to change it. When I do dedicated exercises I try do below exercises. Everything done until failure but with proper strict form.

  1. Push ups (2 reps maxing out each rep)
  2. Deep squats (2 reps maxing out each rep)
  3. Downward dog to cobra pose (2 reps maxing out each rep)
  4. Jump squads (2 reps maxing out each rep)

Mostly taken as inspiration from this daily home training routine & morning routine videos. The way Joe lays out the plan with reps is interesting, I currently try to just push each rep until failure.

Videos on 6 things i do every day to stay in shape, essential exercises, golden rules to build muscle, beginner mistakes to avoid & how to setup the perfect bulk up are a must watch. Sadly most of the exercises on the list require some gear. I will update the routine once I get into position where I have access to such gear.

Foundational Fitness Protocol from Huberman is interesting too.

Other tips

Sergey Kharkow & Joe Delaney have ideal body types in my eyes but it's a lot of effort to get/maintain it. Fitness Wiki is a great read.

Andy Galpin's interview is insightful. Huberman's fitness program is great. And I love Joe Delaney's videos.

The biggest thing to keep in mind when doing workouts is to train until muscle failure and doing it in good form (so as to not get injuries or imbalances of muscle groups trained). That's why I prefer calisthenics over any kind of exercise as full body weight exercises train many parts of your body at once.

Most importantly I try to keep my back muscles in shape as due to nature of my work, I do sit for prolonged times even when I try to minimize it. Better back muscles means less slouching. Yoga is great for making back muscles stronger too.

When I get a chance, I will setup gymnastics rings in my home gym. Don't yet own a place for this.