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Simple and performant reactivity for building user interfaces

Using Solid for all my web apps and static sites. Love how it takes all the best parts of React (component tree model with one way data flow & JSX) but does it better due to fine grained reactivity & avoiding VDOM thus being much faster than React.

Ryan Carniato does great YouTube videos on web/solid (SolidJS: Past, Present, Future is insightful, especially part about future focus).

Solid Start or better Create JD App is great starter template. Trying to make Solid Start work/deploy on Deno easily.

solid-primitives/fetch is great alternative to React Query.

Hope UI is nice component library. Motion One for Solid is great for animations.

My personal site & LA are OSS & built with Solid.

Solid Dev Tools are useful.

Use Solid URQL as GraphQL client.

Solid Native is exciting. Modular Forms is great for forms.

Nano Store Solid is nice for state. Solid Lib Starter is great starter code.

I'm also exploring Voby as alternative to Solid.

OSS apps