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Below is aspirational and doesn't always happen but I try to strive towards some kind of routine in meeting my micro/macro needs nutrition wise.

Especially for supplements or extra nutritional powders outlined above, I make sure to mostly get all my nutrients from simply eating whole foods. No added sugar. Whilst properly hydrating with water or tea.

Foundations of Physical and Mental Performance is amazing listen.

My morning routine is simple. After I do a walk with small bodyweight workout, I make my daily breakfast of:

4 eggs fried + salad (tomatoes + avocado + feta + ..). And take my 2 omega 3 pills + 1 magnesium pill.

When time/money allows I also try to do a smoothie. I am still experimenting on making taste/health well. Most often I just drink a lot of tea.


Some general ingredients, I don't add everything at once but often mix between these things.

Many times I miss doing this blend as I am either traveling or saving money.

After drinking the smoothie, I also take these supplements, inspired by Rhonda Patrick:

That's often enough to get me going until afternoon at which point, I will either make some cooked food or eat out (healthy).

I don't try to manage my eating of generally healthy natural whole food pescatarian food. Especially as I try to lead a more active lifestyle already.

I generally strictly avoid sugary foods, snacks and drinks. Makes me appreciate the finer tastes of non processed foods and ways you can cook them. I try to experiment with various pescatarian recipes often too.

I sometimes don't eat during evenings so as to fast just a little before I take my morning smoothie on following day.

Also whilst not strictly supplements, I enjoy taking psychedelics with breaks of at least 2+ months. Tryptamines being my favorite, usually consumed through actual home grown psilocybin mushrooms & not some research chemical like 4-AcO-DMT.


Some maybe interesting supplements. Some I tried but stopped.