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Every morning, after I do a workout, I make a smoothie. I mix:

After drinking the smoothie, I also take these supplements, inspired by Rhonda Patrick:

That's often enough to get me going until afternoon at which point, I will either make some cooked food or eat out (healthy).

I don't try to manage my eating of generally healthy natural whole food pescatarian food. Especially as I try to lead a more active lifestyle already.

I generally strictly avoid sugary foods, snacks and drinks. Makes me appreciate the finer tastes of non processed foods and ways you can cook them. I try to experiment with various pescatarian recipes often too.

I sometimes don't eat during evenings so as to fast just a little before I take my morning smoothie on following day.

Also whilst not strictly supplements, I enjoy taking psychedelics with breaks of at least 2+ months. Tryptamines being my favorite, usually consumed through actual home grown psilocybin mushrooms & not some research chemical like 4-AcO-DMT.


Some maybe interesting supplements. Some I tried but stopped.