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2021 February

Reading Fabien's look back on 2020 and just wow. My journal here is just not as good. Let's try change it. And give more variety to my life.

The one month with Dendron I had did not go as planned and I won't be working full time on it at least for now. I think Dendron is an amazing tool with great potential.

Until then I will be trying to get LA up to speed. I also applied to EF as a friend of mine, I worked at Gyana with, will be going through the program very soon. I might get into the same batch with him.

I also wrote a bit more in my private journal this month. Going to try to get a better handle of how much is actually worth sharing. I want whatever I do share to have value or cause actual interest. No pointless negativity.

Oh yeah, maybe I'll start listing my brief goals for next month here. A snapshot of my Focus Notion board. Would make for a nice next month look back too, as I see how much I moved forward in completing those goals. And/or how my priorities have shifted.

Ideas column is empty as honestly I need to build LA out first to get a proper handle of managing ideas and topics learned (learning in general) at scale. Essentially this, my personal site and improving my personal note taking setup further with help of Dendron and Alfred is my focus for next month.

Lots of tea, Greek salads, omelettes and nice walks outside as it is getting warmer now. I don't have a lot of money saved so there is no time to waste, I need to build things fast.