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I like asking people what they are excited about.

One thing I learned is to always be proactive with reaching out to people. Just phrase the first message to short and actionable. Many great things came from someone sending that first message and connecting. Often times Twitter or email are best entry points.

And do ask for help kindly, many will gladly help you or advise.

I try to be thoughtful with my responses and communication. Steve Jobs is great example of what that means. Even so far as taking 10 seconds to craft a thoughtful response.

There's a difference between criticism and personal attacks. The latter is best responded to with kindness or simply ignoring it as it was not meant to help you in first place. I do value criticism from people I value and when I see that intentions are good and try to note anything I find of value down to improve. I don't let outside criticism define my self worth in any way.

It's hard to really know someone's life story based on what others said or wrote about. Everyone has incentives for saying some things and it's easy to hate on things/people rather than bring people up and learn together. I try to always do the latter.

I try to go out my way to meet more people and reach out either physically or online. Doing it when I have something to say and real interest in the person.

Nice diagram for how to deal with any kind of feedback.

I try to communicate transparently and in detail about things I tried and things I am blocked on. And cultivate this kind of culture of not being afraid of sharing where you're blocked in any team/company I work with.