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The sad reality is lifespan seems programmed into our genes, just like it is for fruit flies or pets. Perhaps this can be solved with gene therapy.

Some argue that aging a disease and thus can potentially be cured. For example, Turritopsis dohrnii jelly fish ages backwards.

Information theory of aging is fascinating as described in this paper.

I personally don't plan to live for long once my body starts truly breaking down of age. I maximize the quality of my life experience through proper sleep, exercise and having no stress optimistic outlook. I don't have any negative thoughts about death as all things end, including our universe. Only thing that's annoying is pain. Especially chronic. So best try avoid that (that includes prisons, diseases..).

One way to solve aging sooner is to work on getting closer to AGI and have it solve it.

Like the advice of: try everything, figure out what you do best, make money from it. Stop caring what people think about you early. I try define these kind of rules and more for myself.

Blueprint has interesting ideas. I love that it's vegan based too. Trying to adapt some ideas from it as my goals with respect to health and longevity are to maximize happiness too and Bryan's method while it can work, does so at the expense of some life satisfaction.

I quite like my morning/day/evening routines. That plus following some basic rules regarding health and exercise is enough to hopefully give me a rather happy prolonged life.