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I try to live my life enjoying each moment and moving towards the future I want.

You probably live only one life. So best make it count.

I love the lifestyle that Simon Sarris has. Built their own house in nature. Living a minimal life working on code and building things with hands. It's admirable.

I try to spend as much time with family and loved ones as I can. I live a life focused on positivity and happiness over complaining and glooming over the future. I try to work on things that give me energy instead of draining it away. Life is short. Let past go. No such thing as wasted time, just lessons learned.

The hardest part in staying happy I find is forgiving myself for mistakes I made, learning from every mistake/conversation/event I experience and making concrete plans for the future given what I know. If my plan doesn't workout, change the plan, not the goal.

I found journaling my thoughts fully and honestly help with overcoming any bad feelings I have or situations I am in. Jealousy. Being uncertain about my situation and future. I learned through experience that things change by taking decisive action often. Life is a game of chance and you should swing for as many chances as you can. Proper daily routine with habits helps provide a good nourishing ground from which new things can grow. Help remove fear and uncertainty as you know you have at least something stable to come back to, even if all your attempts fail.

For me personally the end goal and purpose is ultimate freedom. Doing what I love without being restricted. On the side, I do truly want to make life nicer for all.

Would love to own a home of my own one day.