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2023 January

I'm living the sketch of being so broke where the bank charges me money for being too broke.

The monthly 127 I have to pay is mandated health insurance which I don't have money nor income for. 😿

Thankful to my parents that I'm not homeless at least. I try to find happiness in smallest of things as I've learned to live frugally over past year. Only buy essential foods whilst drinking water or tea.

I mostly currently only eat fried eggs with some bread + feta cheese and tomatoes. And rarely avocados as they do cost a lot of money. Cherish those moments.

I've learned to make nice fried eggs over this time. I use this trick of dropping the egg on the pan itself as I fry the eggs separately. Saves on some time and is even fun to do I found.

This winter has been cold and as I don't have money for heating, it's often hard to even do anything on computers as the hands get too cold to type anything. Few more months of this and that should be okay though, if I can make it.

One thing that stops me from going fully depressed and losing hope for future is that I've felt this feeling of complete loss of hope before. I remember wanting to just die and end it rather than suffer more. But eventually things improved even if slightly. So I try to keep that in mind whenever things get tough or even painful. Hope is a powerful thing if you truly believe it.

On this note, I am trying hard to get new LA deployed. It's exciting project and I hope once it's released, it will be something that people will be willing to pay money for. Will celebrate with getting my sister a computer and some fancy food. ♥️


The Last of Us is a great show. The third episode was touching.


Long Long Time takes a special place this month.

Also been enjoying Lithe's Now What?, Facade & You Didn't Know Any Better.

Happened & Get Me Back in the Game were interesting too.