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React Hooks

Like Jotai (with signals) or Valtio for more complex state handling. React Query is great for web requests & caching. ahooks has many useful hooks too. Tilg is nice for debugging components.

I now am using Solid for all my web apps and static sites, so trying to port many useful hooks from here for Solid.


  • SignalIt - Simple and performant reactive primitive for React.
  • Nano Stores Query - Data fetcher for Nano Stores.
  • Act - Most efficient reactive library in both: speed, size, correctness.
  • Reatom - Immutability and explicit reactivity (no proxies), implicit DI and actor-like lifecycle hooks.
  • Nano Stores React - Tiny state manager with many atomic tree-shakable stores.
  • Legend-State - Super fast and powerful state manager for JavaScript apps.
  • Jotai - Primitive, flexible state management for React. (How Jotai Specifies Package Entry Points) (Tweet)
  • Jotai Signal
  • Jotai Immer - Jotai integration library for Immer.
  • Jotai Location
  • Store - Beautifully-simple framework-agnostic modern state management library.
  • React Tracked - Simple and fast global state with React Context. Eliminate unnecessary re-renders without hassle.
  • idyl - Merge ideas from zustand + swr + valtio into a simple shared state.
  • Concave - Lens-like state management.
  • Stook - Minimalist design state management library for React.
  • Focal - Type safe, expressive and composable state management for React applications.
  • resso - Reactive shared store of React. No extra re-render.
  • statin - Simple and tiny reactive state library.
  • Synergies - Create a performant distributed context state by synergyzing atomar context pieces and composing reusable state logic.
  • Create React State - React state management you already know how to use.
  • Exome - State manager for deeply nested states.
  • Micro-observables - Simple Observable library that can be used for easy state management in React applications.
  • liquorstore - Reactive store that is fine, really. It works with React.
  • mage - Stateful + logical abstraction layer for react.
  • use-zustand - Custom hook to use Zustand vanilla store.
  • derive-zustand - Function to create a derived Zustand store from stores.
  • valtio-signal - React binding for Valtio proxy state.
  • zustand-signal - React binding for Zustand.
  • Yjs React Bindings
  • Yjs Middleware for Zustand
  • Create React Signals - Factory function to create signals for React.
  • SWR Global State - Zero-setup & simple global state management for React Components based on SWR helpers.
  • Alveron - Elm & Reason inspired state management for React.
  • use-valtio - Custom hook to use Valtio proxy state.
  • zustand-querystring - Zustand middleware that syncs the store with the querystring.
  • Geschichte - Zustand and immer based hook to manage query parameters.
  • Use Chat - React hook for state management in chat applications.
  • jotai-urql - Jotai integration library for URQL.
  • Jotai DevTools - Powerful toolkit to enhance your development experience with Jotai.
  • Zedux - Molecular State Engine for React.
  • Jotai Molecules


  • Use Supabase - Simple zero dependencies package that gives you access to your Supabase client.
  • react-supabase - React Hooks library for Supabase.



<!-- Run `doFunc()` after 2 seconds of component loading -->
useEffect(() => {
  const timeout = window.setTimeout(() => doFunc(), 2000)
  return () => window.clearTimeout(timeout)
}, [])