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2023 June

Have never been more excited in my life than this.

This month I visited Cyprus for a school reunion. Was great seeing how my classmates have changed. What jobs they were working on. Quite a few stayed in Cyprus and are enjoying it.

Cyprus is great for its food and interesting people. But the heat does get intense, especially in summer to stay there for long.


App for KusKus is working and that's great. Mobile apps are on hold as my Swift knowledge is lacking to make Hanko mobile integration work.

KusKus itself is on hold until Learn Anything is built.

Learn Anything

It's quite crazy to think that I am writing a new version for a project that got started all the way in 2017. 6 years have passed.

I got a lot of ideas for how I wanted to rebuild it since but never managed to get the time to start the project again. It was always so daunting. No more.

I know what the project should become and I know how to get there.

The stack for the project is EdgeDB, Solid (of course) and I think I will try to write everything in TS.

EdgeDB database is exposed with Grafbase GraphQL API with their edge resolvers.

Then I am collaborating with Houdini to make a package for Solid. This way the client for GraphQL will be dreamy too. The whole setup is genuinely nice to work with. I am constantly in awe with EdgeDB. And I absolutely love their GPT integration for the docs. So so useful.

I can talk a lot about Learn Anything and what it can be but it's better to show it by building it.

I think I am a bit better now with focus and that's great.

This month was memorable in that it is the last month when my all time favorite Reddit app Apollo shut down. For very hostile reasons too. They could of made sane API pricing choices but no.

Twitter too had issues with it DDOSing itself.

In general the web seems to be more and more hostile to humans who want extensibility and freedom.

If all things go well, I genuinely expect Learn Anything to fully replace any need for sites like Reddit, Twitter and their closed governance and code. I plan to build LA from first principles, starting with learning, note taking and adding more and more social network features with time. With some ✨


Started watching Halt and Catch Fire and absolutely love it. It's actually inspiring. Especially love the great atmosphere and the feeling of 'living through history' the show brings. The music is great too.

Watched Snatch & new Spider-Man. Both were great.



Release Learn Anything.

Going to this Solana event in August. And the whole website should be working smoothly before then. As I plan to integrate Solana into the site in deep and novel ways.

In July, I want to run my entire personal stack through Learn Anything.