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I now use iCloud to sync my files.

I used Dropbox previously to share and keep files on the cloud. Don't use it any more as I try to minimize unneccesary running processes on my macOS.

I currently only use it for sharing some files to download for people although plan to write my own service for this with Cloudflare Workers R2. I have a folder Shares and inside it is where I put various files that I want to publicly share with people. I then use a modified version of Directory Watches workflow to scan through this folder from Alfred. I then modified one of the actions so that on pressing return it gives me a shareable link of the file. Here is how that Alfred filter looks like for me:

It's pretty amazing as I can very easily query all the links I shared with anyone. I want to move this workflow to something I own myself.

For sharing files temporarily I use and Vitor's awesome Alfred workflow for it.

I also used Dropbox for sharing configuration of some apps like Alfred.