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2018 June


Tried to finally finish my university's exams. The whole university thing has been making me depressed for over 2 years now for many reasons. I finally wrote down my thoughts on university and wrote some things I wish I knew when I first started.

Besides university, I am really enjoying iOS 12's Screen Time and I started heavily integrating it into my workflow. With ~ 20 minutes for Tweetbot/Apollo throughout the day and ~ 10 minutes of Instagram and some other apps. I want to use PDF Expert a lot more and actually read books & research papers I want to read. I also turned on Downtime from 10 pm to 9 am to turn off nearly all apps I don't want to visit in my morning/evening routines. Can only use Streaks/Oak/Strong apps and few others. I already solved my notification distractions by simply removing nearly all of them except for Calendar, Telegram and 2Do. Notifications should only come from real people or my task manager. On macOS I am nearly always in Do Not Disturb mode already as it automatically turns on and off every 120 minutes for 100 minutes.

I opened a few more Trello boards. Will be paying much more attention to it in the coming time.

Have few interviews coming up in July with an opportunity to work over the Summer and maybe even get paid to do it. How exciting. I really cannot wait to finish this university for good and never think about it again. Aside from minimizing physical things I own, I also heavily minimize everything else. It's so freeing to have this complete awareness that I can literally do anything I want in life. Build anything. Share it. And find other people who are interested in what I have built. I plan to actually build a product that does produce some kind of profit because open source is sadly not sustainable and it's sad to be depressed about not being able to buy food because you like sharing things a little too much. There should be a balance in everything. And I hope to find mine very soon.

Haven't written much code this month due to university and learning statistics which I actually found immensely fascinating. Want to delve into it more in the future and build something tangible using my newly gained knowledge.

In other news, Learn Anything finally moved to a communication channel I genuinely enjoy using. And now it has its official Discord server with a dev channel that is currently focused on the design of new version of LA on Figma. The plans we have for LA are exciting, I wish I could do LA full time but sadly can't due to lack of finances for the project. I just want to share things I have built and not think of the monetary costs of it but sadly 2018 is not yet the year most people can sustainably do it. Oh and aside from Telegram, LA has its own Spectrum page too which is really awesome. 🌈

I really have to focus myself more and not waste any time. The amount of things I can be doing at any moment is just too much and without limits I either go insane or get stuck in some sad state of limbo.

I also want to finally learn how to play music. And be happy.