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Your perception of time changes based on your surroundings and experiences.

If you are having fun, time feels to move faster. If you forget about time and stay in the moment and focus on things happening right now, time ceases to exist for you in these brief moments.

All that is to say, that time is something that is dependent on your perception of it.

However what's more interesting to me is how memories are formed. And how memory works generally. Why do I remember certain events more vividly and others I forget easily. How can memories spontaneously occur and can you force yourself to forget things?

These are all questions I wish there was some definitive answer to.

But based on my experience thus far in life. Making these unforgettable memories is one of the most amazing traits this life has to give. Being able to remember past events and happy or even sad moments is a bliss. The only thing left is to maximize how many of these awesome and unique moments you get in life.

It's interesting to think, what would I do if I knew that at the end of every day my memory would be gone. How would I choose to lead my days. What would I do? There's a pretty awesome movie that is quite similar to this idea that I like.

In any way, knowing all that. I just wish to make as many unique and interesting experiences in life as I can. Make many meaningful friendships and meet many interesting people. Build interesting things and share them. Travel to new places and feel the different cultures and histories of these places. Take photographs and capture these little moments in my life.

Because that's what life is. Trying to peek under the covers of this reality only gets you so far.