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2019 July

The only thing I dislike about London right now is their psychoactive ban law. Getting psychedelics is no longer possible via legal research chemicals route and that's a shame. Because getting something like 4-HO-MIPT through other sources is much trickier and I don't even know if you can even test for it. Maybe one day I will move to some saner place with nicer laws.

I actually am thinking about how one could accelerate this future where no one can tell you what you can and can't take. And where knowledge and empowerment prevails over fear and control. It seems my only real bet for that future is to build Learn Anything and hope it succeeds in educating everyone about everything our world has to offer. Would be cool to have a country where all government activity is completely and transparently public. And every citizen has the power to make an informed choice on policies that are written out in clear language.

The number of heat waves that hit our planet this Summer is just sad. The effects of climate change are not coming soon. They are coming now. The stoic mindset in me says not to worry about things that are not in my control to change. I can't force people to start thinking about consequences of the decisions they make. I can't force oil companies to forget about their bottom line. In any way, it's all happening and nothing lasts forever. Just a shame that we're doing this all to ourselves with no regard for the future.